Sunday, February 17, 2013

Are Democrats the Women-Friendly Party?

A group of smart women, several of whom I have met, sat down in January to talk about why the majority of women in recent years vote for big government. "I’m not sure what’s worse, conservatives ignoring women’s issues or conservatives addressing them," said AEI's Christina Hoff Sommers, who used to sit in the office across from mine.

I think part of the reason may be that conservatives aren't as into gender politics as liberals. They, like women like me, think of women as part of the human family. My interests aren't opposed to society's interests. What's good for women is good for children, men, and society at large. At any rate, I think that how Democrats see themselves and present themselves as champions for women is wrong. Democrat policies directly hurt me, my family, and my fellow women. For one, the payroll tax increase the president demanded means an extra $200 out of our pockets each month. For another, making energy more expensive means it's harder for us to pay for our toddlers' doctor visits, which we do out of pocket. As Sommers says, feminist academics "represent only a tiny coterie of radical women, but they effectively present themselves as the voice of American womanhood." To me, it's the same with liberals.

So here these smart ladies talk about women's issues from a conservative perspective, and offer their ideas about why more women vote for Democrats and how conservatives can change that. If you consider yourself a moderate, this should be an extra-interesting discussion.

Watch the video for more.

IWF Women in the WIlderness: Charting a New Path Forward from Independent Women's Forum on Vimeo.

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