Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A legitimately easy painted flower pot project

By Mary C. Tillotson

The picture says it all, almost, so I'll start with that.

Once I figured out the three-stroke trick, the flowers were easy.

Some other thoughts:

  • Those plain, boring, orange clay pots are super cheap. I paid about $2 for the 4-inch pot and tray.
  • I like using acrylic paint because it's cheap, easy to find, washable, and fast-drying. It usually comes in 2-oz bottles which cost anywhere from $1.09 to half that, so it's easy to amass a wide variety of colors and store them in a shoebox.
  • Acrylic paint is washable, so, not waterproof - which will be a problem if you plan to water your plant. You'll want something for a waterproof finish - I used some spray enamel, which I got at the hardware store for $5.
  • I use a paper plate for a palette. Lots of room, easy to see the colors, doesn't leak, and I can throw it out when I'm done. I start putting dabs of paint on it, then try to narrow down to a color scheme that I like. Then, I take all the colors from the color scheme and dab them all in the same area to see if they look good together. This time, I also painted a little bit of blue on the plate, then painted green, pink, and purple over it to see what the colors would look like with a blue background.
  • Do some planning about the colors and spacing of the flowers. If you want to make them high-low-high-low like I did, you don't want to get around the pot and realize you can't squeeze another one in to make the pattern work.
  • Because acrylic dries quickly, I could do pretty much all the painting in one sitting. I started with the brown rim, then one side of the brown tray. By the time I was done with that, the rim was dry enough that I could paint the blue background, then I flipped the tray and painted the other side. Then some touch-up work, then the green stems, then the flowers.

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