Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How To Organize for the Hopeless Disorganized: Desk Edition

Raise your hand if you're feeling disorganized. Raise your other hand if you'd rather sit on the couch and cry about it than clean. Hey, me too! Now, turn those hands into fists and shout, "I WILL PREVAIL!"

Okay: attitude. Check.

Whether you live in a small or larger space, the starting point is the easiest/ first place to make yourself feel accomplished. Set a time for ten minutes and move fast: kitchen, living room, bedroom. If you have kids to help, even better. If your other half is around, grab him too. Share the fun!

We're not deep cleaning here, people. Keep it easy breezy.

My personal downfall is my desk area. I say desk with quotation marks, as my desk is also our kitchen table at present. One and a half more months and then we move, and then I'll have my own desk and room! I'm looking for helpful additions to keep my papers neat and my mind focused. Here's what I've got so far:


Also comes in silver for the stylish
Fun, functional, affordable and pink! What else does a girl need?


Does anyone else think Heaven will look like The Container Store? Okay, a stretch. We won't be bring all our messes to Heaven. Still - so lovely, and everything has a place!

I am very much an "out of sight, out of mind" person, which is why I keep my papers scattered across the kitchen table.

Stylin' and simple.
Now we're talking! I can still see what is in the drawers, but the tight mesh keeps everything inside. I also love the  "Brocade Collection" for desktop needs.


The elephant in the room is the absurd number of books I keep near my person. This is why I want bookends. To Etsy I go!

I love this pair - did y'all ever read Anne of the Island? Remember Gog and Magog?
turquoise foo dogs, bookends, asian home decor, bookend, chinese dogs
Exactly how I pictured them in electric blue

I love how fun and classic they look - and how nicely they would keep my books guarded! They come in other colors as well, like gold and kitschy yellow.


As a writer of postcards and a receiver of bills, I think a letter holder would be quite dandy. I really like Modcloth's

It is adorable, holds just enough mail without overwhelming a girl, and affordable! Anthropologie has a similar one for almost 3x the price.


Hyper Links Giclee Kiss Table Lamp (Modern Gloss White Base)

Hyper Links Giclee Kiss Table Lamp

Light is always a good thing to have on or near a desk! Otherwise... how can you see the mess?


{Five and a half - And an honorable mention to See Jane Work for having chic office supplies! I enjoyed perusing the website.}

My next step - once we move - is to find an area rug, curtains and decide on the color scheme I want for my office, since I'll be spending 5 or so hours a day in it. Not too hard, right? Any favorites to share on this subject?

Joining up with Hallie/ Kate for #5Faves!


  1. A drawer or box that you can throw stuff in at the end of the work day and not look at it until tomorrow.

  2. My husband does a lot of work for The Container Store installing Elfa systems! Perhaps heaven will look like the Container Store but everything will be free ;)

    How to organize for the hopelessly disorganized: dedicated mess stations. We have a beautiful platter that is a catch-all for random papers and odds and ends; it lives on a corner of the kitchen counter. I *try* to go through it once a month or so, but meanwhile it doesn't look awful. We also have a lot of hooks. A line in the living room and in each of the bedrooms. This doesn't have anything to do with desks, but it's so nice to get stuff off the floor: bags, coats, shirts, whatevs. I love me some hooks.

  3. I hear ya about having a messy desk. I'll have to check out your recommendations.

  4. Gog and Magog! Yes! And I like the electric blue. :)

  5. Dedicated mess stations! I love that!

  6. Young House Love (bloggers) has a new line of hooks at Target and they are so whimsical and great!

  7. Those are some nice organizing materials! Let’s admit it, cleaning up and organizing things can just really be tasking, especially if you’re not exactly the neat freak type of individual. Those desks and filing drawers are great ideas. It’d be easier for people who files paperworks and documents.

    Kelly Martinez @ ALB Image


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