Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Abortion Kills 47% of Black Babies

by Joy Pullmann

Appropriate for a week that holds both Martin Luther King day and the anniversary of Roe v. Wade is a statistic I heard Saturday at our town's March for Life: thanks to abortion, 47% of African-American babies never take a breath.

The main speaker of our local event (which drew easily 500 people), Angela Minter, told her dramatic life story: Her mother had tried to have Angela aborted in the 1960s and failed. Later, Angela and her then-boyfriend chose two abortions and were about to commission a third, when Angela's father called.

"Don't kill that baby," he told her. She didn't. Later, the son that lived came to her. He and his girlfriend were pregnant, and planned to have an abortion. Eventually, his girlfriend refused the abortion, and now Angela has a beautiful two-year-old grandson.

Angela doesn't mince words when she talks.

"We paid money to have our babies killed," she says. She realized this is what abortion is when attending a pro-life rally to support her pastor. She says if it were not for her pastor's care and telling her of Christ's forgiveness, she likely would have killed herself over realizing what she had done.

Her pastor also told her abortion is a crisis for the black community, mentioning the 47% statistic as a major factor in the decline of the proportion of African-Americans in the United States. I would add, and I doubt he'd disagree, that it's a human rights crisis.

When feminists act like abortion is their Holy Grail, how many people point out they're supporting race-slanted mass murder?

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